Internet Para Todos

Since 2 years within Telefonica I am helping the Internet Para Todos initiative that tries to fill the digital gap of cellular connectivity in developing countries.

I am focusing exclusively on the technology part, by operating a end to end laboratory where vendors and partners can come, integrate and test their technology, at any level of maturity, before going to field trials.

Early lab measurement picture

As part of this project line of work, I have tested opensource implementations of 4G RAN and EPC in the lab. I have pushed on Github my docker-based packaging for some of those projects.


. Diag Logger. GitHub, 2018.

Code Project

. Docker OAI eNB Git repo. GitHub, 2018.

Code Project

. Docker OAI EPC Git repo. GitHub, 2018.

Code Project

. Performance Assessment Open Software 5G Prototyping. IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, 2018.

PDF Project


TIP Opencellular Panel 2017
Nov 8, 2017